How the Amount of Bail Money you Require is Determined

Some crimes have a preset bail. You’re usually told the amount when you’re booked at which point you can figure out if you have the means to cover the amount yourself or if you should use the services of a bail bonds company.

In other cases, you’ll have to wait for a judge to decide how much bail is needed before you are released. In this case, you will go before the judge and you’re defense lawyer and the prosecutor will explain why they feel you should pay a specific amount of bail. The discussion will include your family, your community ties, your personal responsibilities, and your criminal history. Based on the information provided during the bail hearing, the judge will decide on how much bail you owe.

The severity of the charges you face is one of the biggest factors the judge looks at when setting bail. They know that the more severe the charges are, the more likely it becomes that you’ll flee the area rather than argue your case in court. 

Criminal history is another big factor that influences how much bail is needed. A clean criminal history usually results in a lower bail, as does a shakier criminal history that shows you’re good about obeying the rules connected with bail and attending all of your court appearances.

Community ties are also important. The more strongly you’re connected to the community the better the odds are that the judge will set a lower bail. They will look for things like if you’re employed, how long you’ve been employed, how close you are to your family, and how involved you are with the community. The stronger you’re connected to the community, the lower your bail will be.

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