More often than not, the hardest part about bailing someone out of jail for people is coming up with the down payment. Even though a bail bond cost significantly less than the bail itself, and bail bonds are usually paid off with a payment plan, that first payment can be difficult.

The down payment on a bail bond is usually larger than the subsequent monthly payments that will be made in the future. This is to try and make the monthly payments as small as possible. The more money you put up front, the less you have to pay later on down the line and the less time you have to spend making payments.

Auto Title Loan – This is a type of loan where a lender gives you a small amount of money for a short amount of time and the vehicle title is given as collateral.

Payday Advance – There are companies out there that will give people a small, usually under $500, short term loan. The idea is that the loan will hold you over until your next payday, which is when you usually pay off the loan.

Income Tax Return – This can be a large sum of money that you were not counting in your monthly budget, so why not use it to rescue a loved one from jail?

Out of State Relative – As long as you have at least one co-signer in California, it does not matter where the money comes from. If you have relatives living outside of California who want to help by sending money, they can do just that.

At Barstow Bail Bonds, we understand that paying for a bail bond can be difficult. That is why we accept a variety of different payment methods to make it easier. You can use whichever method works best for you. You can even use a different method for each payment if you need to.

Online – We have a secure online payment portal so you can make a payment from wherever you are at any time.

Over the Phone – If you prefer talking to someone to make sure the payment goes through, you can talk to someone in our payment department.

In Person – Perhaps you want to hand deliver the payment to your agent.

Western Union – You can visit any Western Union location and wire us money. You will just need to call us to get our account number and let us know to expect your payment and its size.

Here at Barstow Bail Bonds, we accept a variety of payment types, including:

• Cash
• Check
• Credit Cards
• Debit Cards

You can use any of these payment types with any of the above payment methods. You can even pay over the phone without a credit or debit card. You just need to have your routing and account numbers.

Making a bail bond payment can be hard, especially the initial payment, but we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for our clients. You can begin the process of bailing your love done out of jail by talking to one of our professional bail agents here at Barstow Bail Bonds.

All you have to do is click Chat With Us or call 760-256-6666 now.